HeyDoodle: Encouraging Screen-Free Entertainment for Kids

While technology can be a valuable educational tool, there's growing concern about the excessive screen time that many kids are clocking in. Parents and caregivers worldwide are seeking alternatives that promote creativity, engagement, and healthy development in their children. 

The Screen Time Dilemma...

Balancing the benefits of educational apps and online content with the need for real-world experiences can be challenging. The truth is, excessive screen time is never a good idea, and parents are increasingly looking for ways to strike a healthy balance.

HeyDoodle: A Refreshing Screen-Free Solution

HeyDoodle has been designed to provide hours of entertainment and learning for children aged 2 to 7. These mats offer a breath of fresh air in the digital age by encouraging that all important screen-free play. They come with a unique canvas that kids can draw, trace, and doodle on using washable markers or crayons. What makes HeyDoodle truly special is that the canvas can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, ready to be used again and again...

Real Stories of Success! Here's what parents, grandparents and carers have to say about HeyDoodle...

"Genius product"

We LOVE our doodlemat! This has been the best purchase for our overseas holiday. Miss 5 is really into her drawing and colouring, so this has been amazing for airport waits, restaurant mealtimes, even poolside play! One little bag holds hours of entertainment (and peace and quiet for mum & dad!). We will definitely be buying more! Rhiannon W.

"Better Than a Screen!"

My 2yo and 6yo prefer their Hey Doodle drawing mat to a screen when we’re in the car or out for dinner…it’s been a game changer!
Rachel D

HeyDoodle Activity Mats for Kids

"Best Thing Since Sliced Bread"

I purchased our Hey Doodle after a recommendation from a friend. We have a holiday coming up and thought it would be perfect for the plane ride. It turns out it's perfect for anytime! My daughter busts it out every day and I love the markers and easy wipe clean. I actually find it fun to do with her also, which is a bonus. Lauren B

"My Niece Loves It"

I gave this to my niece for her 4th birthday. She pick it up time and time again over the next few days and really enjoyed tracing the letters. Turns out it's good to have two on hand in case a friend comes over. I reckon they need to be washed within a day of colouring to be properly clean but that's pretty normal for reusable colouring stuff, I think. Rachel M

If you're a parent or caregiver looking to strike a healthy balance between technology and traditional play, HeyDoodle may be the solution you've been searching for. Join the growing community of families who are embracing this innovative way to keep kids engaged, creative, and screen-free!